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KnowItAll U – The World’s Largest Spectral Database

A Spectral Library Resource for Chemistry Education & Research


Wiley’s KnowItAll U offers every student and faculty member unlimited access to over 2 million spectra, including Infrared (IR), Raman, NMR (CNMR, HNMR, XNMR), UV-Vis, and Mass Spectra (MS).

A KnowItAll U subscription provides the most affordable option for campus-wide access the largest and highest quality spectral library. Choose access to the complete KnowItAll U collection or libraries for a specific technique.

Subscription Options 

Library Name Spectra
KnowItAll U (all techniques)2,074,000
KnowItAll U – IR264,000
KnowItAll U – MS860,000
KnowItAll U – NMR895,000
KnowItAll U – Raman25,000
KnowItAll U – UV-Vis30,000

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