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The KnowItAll NMR Spectral Library

World's Largest Database of NMR Spectra

Wiley's KnowItAll NMR Spectral Library offers the world's largest collection of high-quality nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) reference spectra to search or predict NMR spectra.

  • Access over 920,000 NMR Spectra - 573,000 CNMR (carbon NMR), 245,000 HNMR (proton NMR), and 102,000 XNMR spectra
  • Along with spectra, records contain physical properties and structures when available
  • Includes KnowItAll ID Expert tool for fast, accurate spectral identification

Subscription includes access to the following NMR databases from Wiley and trusted partners:

CNMR Spectral Databases
Library NameSpectraIndex
AIST SDBS11,890View
13C NMR Sadtler - Wiley51,990View
Sadtler Metabolites - Wiley525View
Sadtler NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Compounds - Wiley250View
Sadtler Polymers & Monomers - Wiley740View
Flavors & Fragrances - Wiley11,815View
Natural Products - Wiley3,430View
Organic Compounds - Wiley188,425-
Wolfgang Robien304,585-
HNMR Spectral Databases
Library Name SpectraIndex
1H NMR Sadtler - Wiley12,000View
Sadtler Metabolites - Wiley525View
Sadtler NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Compounds - Wiley115View
Sadtler Chemical Shifts - Wiley56,840View
Organic Compounds 1 - Wiley5,000View
Organic Compounds (Comprehensive) - Wiley157,465-
AIST SDBS4,380View
AIST SDBS (400 MHz)6,450View
AIST SDBS (300 MHz)2,930View
XNMR Spectral Databases
Library NameSpectraIndex
15N NMR - Wiley990View
17O NMR - Wiley850View
19F NMR - Wiley23,615View
29Si NMR - Wiley2,315View
31P NMR - Wiley14,375View
11B NMR - Wolfgang Robien2,210View
15N NMR - Wolfgang Robien9,090View
17O NMR - Wolfgang Robien5,700View
19F NMR - Wolfgang Robien17,585View
29Si NMR - Wolfgang Robien2,210View
31P NMR - Wolfgang Robien23,180View

Applications: NMR Prediction (carbon and proton), XNMR Prediction (boron, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, silicon, phosphorus), Structure Characterization, Unknown Structure Elucidation, NMR Spectral Library Search, NMR Spectrum Analysis, NMR Spectroscopy

Requires KnowItAll Software.

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