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Technique: UV-Vis Spectral Databases

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From the Leader in Spectral Data

World's Largest UV-Vis Spectral Library 


Quality Data. Results You Can Rely On.

When it comes to spectral data you need comprehensive data you can trust. Wiley's KnowItAll UV-Vis Spectral Library offers access to over 30,000 UV-Vis spectra—the world's largest collection of high-quality UV-Vis Sadtler spectra. 

  • Library of pure organics representing a wide range of functional groups and classifications
  • UV-Vis peak table contains position/height of peak, absorption, extinction coefficient
  • Includes properties such as chemical structure, polar surface area, solvent, concentration, path length
  • Extremely useful in determining the absorbance qualities of compounds


This database serves as a convenient, searchable reference database to allow comparison of a measured UV-Vis spectrum to reference spectra in the database. Since UV spectra show such broad absorbance peaks, UV-Vis spectral databases are not typically used for unknown identification, but rather to confirm the identity of a substance through comparison.


    • Subscription includes KnowItAll ID Expert software for one-click basic spectral searches
    • Optional:  KnowItAll Analytical Edition (recommended for advances analysis) 
    • Import spectra from these instruments

Trusted Data from a Trusted Source

Wiley is an authoritative source for spectral data. Their renowned Sadtler databases were processed according to rigorous protocols to ensure they are of the highest quality. These qualification procedures start at data acquisition and continue throughout the database development process. Any data acquired from trusted partners is thoroughly vetted before inclusion in our collections.

Subscription includes access to the following databases:

Library Name



Sadtler 200 to 350 nm – Wiley



Sadtler 200 to 500 nm – Wiley



Sadtler 200 to 800 nm – Wiley



Sadtler Forensics 200 to 500 nm – Wiley



Applications: UV/Vis Spectral Library Search, Ultraviolet Spectral Analysis, UV Visible Spectral Identification, UV-Vis Spectroscopy

Requires KnowItAll Software.

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Subscription content is subject to change as data may be added or deleted from collections periodically.