Mass Spectra of Flavors and Fragrances of Natural and Synthetic Compounds, 3rd Edition

Technique: GC-MS Spectral Databases

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Advanced identification of natural and synthetic products using retention data

Flavors and Fragrances of Natural and Synthetic Compounds, 3rd Edition contains over 3,000 mass spectra, LRI retention data, calculated Kovats RI, and searchable chemical structures of compounds of interest for the flavors and fragrances industry. This innovative mass spectral library for natural and synthetic products makes the identification of unknown compounds in complex mixtures easier, faster, and more reliable.

Chromatographic information, such as Linear Retention Index (LRI) data, can be used to filter MS results, enabling more reliable peak assignment of components in complex mixtures. Mass spectra, relative to standard and well-known simple matrix components, were obtained and recorded through GC-MS separation/identification by Prof. Luigi Mondello. Additional component information such as CAS number, common name, CAS name, molecular weight, and chemical class are also included.

Library Specifications

Spectra: 3,462
Chemical Structures: 3,462
Unique Compounds: 3,312
RI1 = measured on SLB-5MS (Hydro): 3,462
RI2 = measured on SLB-5MS (FAMEs): 2,516
RI3 = measured on Supelcowax-10 (FAMEs): 1,466 (same records as RI4)
RI4 = measured on Supelcowax-10 (FAEEs): 1,466 (same records as RI3)
RI5 = measured on Equity-1 (Hydro): 646


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