KnowItAll Software Training Course

This self-guided training course is designed to familiarize you with the KnowItAll software through a series of lessons. 

Follow along in the KnowItAll software with each lesson. Go through the whole training in a series or just choose the topics you wish to explore. 

  • There is a PDF for each lesson in the table below. 
  • You will also need to download example Training Files (zipped). Each folder in the zipped file corresponds with a lesson below and contains the samples used in that lesson.
LessonDescriptionApplications FeaturedEnglish


  • Overview of the lessons, copyright, and trademark information.



    1 – General Features 

  • Explore the interface 

  • Learn to transfer data from one application to another

The KnowItAll Interface

Lesson PDF

    2 – Simple Spectral Search / ID 

  • Perform a “first pass” analysis of your spectrum against reference spectra

  • Use patented optimized corrections technology to optimize search results

KnowItAll ID Expert

Lesson PDF

    3 – Searching

  • Perform a basic, peak, structure, and multi-technique searches

  • Create a search profile

  • Limit search range / exclude search regions

  • Perform a spectral subtraction

  • “All” vs. “Pure Compound” search


Lesson PDF

    4 – Mixture Analysis

  • Perform mixture analysis

  • Interpret search results


Lesson PDF

   5 – Functional Group Analysis 

  • Browse the knowledgebase of functional groups

  • Correlate peaks from a structure

  • Perform spectral analysis by functional group – IR, Raman. IR Polymers

  • Create User Knowledgebases

AnalyzeIt (IR, IR Polymer, Raman)

Lesson PDF

   6 – Mass Spectrometry

  • Perform a spectral search

  • Perform a reverse search

  • Perform mixture analyses

  • Perform patent pending adaptive search

  • Calculate Elemental Composition and Isotopic Distribution

  • Use Mass Fragmentation tool

SearchIt, MineIt, ChemWindow

Lesson PDF

   7 – GC-MS Processing & Analysis

  • Automated GC-MS Analysis

  • Manual GC-MS Analysis

MS Expert, ProcessIt

Lesson PDF

   8 – Create Databases

  • Create a searchable database with spectra, structures, properties

  • Batch import spectra, structures, properties, PubChem properties

  • Create display profiles

MineIt/Create Databases

Lesson PDF

    9 – Drawing Structures & Reactions

  • Use basic ChemWindow tools to create and edit a structure

  • Create chemical reactions

ChemWindow, ReportIt

Lesson PDF
Hotkeys PDF

    10 – Creating Reports

  • Use pre-defined report template

  • Create customized templates


Lesson PDF

   11 – Data Mining & Analysis

  • Use patented Overlap Density Heatmaps for visual data mining

  • Create an overlap consensus spectrum


Lesson PDF

    12 – Quality Control Analysis 

  • Set up administrator account

  • Select a standard and compare sample 

  • Generate report

QC Expert

Lesson PDF

    13 – NMR Prediction & Processing 

  • NMR Prediction

  • NMR Processing

  • NMR Assignment

PredictIt NMR, ProcessIt, AssignIt NMR

Lesson PDF