News: Wiley Expands its Raman Spectral Collections for the Identification of Materials, Pigments, & Dyes

Hoboken, NJ — March 20, 2024Wiley, one of the world’s largest publishers and a global leader in research and learning, today announced further expansion of its KnowItAll Raman Spectral Library collection, with two new databases: one focused on materials and the other pigments and dyes.

With the addition of these two spectral databases, the KnowItAll Raman collection now includes 26 databases with over 25,000 Raman spectra.

“Having the right spectrum in a library saves a lot of time in the lab. We are committed to continuously expanding our coverage and to providing our Raman customers with access to the best and broadest data to speed their analyses,” said Graeme Whitley, Director, New Business Development at Wiley.

Below are details on each new Raman database that has been added to collection:



Raman – Materials – Wiley [Database Code: RMATX]

This database provides a broader range of compounds materials scientists require for their analyses. This first release of this new database includes a wide range of carbon spectra, many of which have been functionalized, required for studies in areas such as batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, and failure analysis.

Raman – Pigments & Dyes – Wiley [RPDX]

This new database has applications for Raman analysis of pigments and dyes in food science, textiles, forensics, and environmental applications. Because it is a non-destructive technique, Raman analysis of pigments is also important to the study of components found in artwork and is widely used in both art conservation and archaeologic studies.

Consistently evolving to increase coverage for meeting today’s research demands, Wiley’s spectral libraries cover multiple spectral techniques across a wide range of applications including polymer, materials, environmental, forensics, toxicology, pharmaceutical, biotech, automotive, aerospace, food, cosmetics, and more. These databases are critical to analytical laboratory workflows for the interpretation, identification, verification, and classification of spectra.

These databases, along with Wiley’s comprehensive KnowItAll software solutions to identify, analyze, and manage analytical data, offer an unparalleled solution for fast, reliable spectral analysis. Learn more at

About Raman Spectral Analysis
Researchers use spectral search software along with spectral reference databases to identify “unknown” substances or verify the composition of materials. First, a Raman spectrometer measures a substance and produces a Raman spectrum, which is expressed as a graph showing a series of peaks that is specific to the sample material. That spectrum is then compared to a spectral database containing the measured spectra of known substances using spectral search software. By using algorithms, the spectroscopy software finds the best match between the measured unknown spectrum and the library of known spectra, and the results suggest the most likely identity of the substance.

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Current KnowItAll Database Subscribers: How to Update to the Latest Version
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