How to Update KnowItAll Databases

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If your KnowItAll Spectral Library subscription license is active, you can always access the most recent data available in your licensed subscription. Ensure that you update your databases manually if you are not set up to automatically do so to take full advantage of your subscription. 

For KnowItAll customers connected to the internet: 

  • Download database file updates by going to License > Download Databases Now in the KnowItAll software.  
  • We also recommend that you enable the automatic download function. To do so, go to License > Enable Database Downloader. Then when new databases are available you will be alerted.  

For KnowItAll customers who are offline: 

  • Customers can manually download the latest files by going to and downloading the appropriate technique updates zip file for your subscription.  
  • The downloaded file should be unzipped and moved to the computer with KnowItAll on it.  
  • Replace the current files at C:\Users\Public\Documents\Wiley\KnowItAll\Databases\ in the appropriate technique folder.