Pesticides Mass Spectral Library With LRI, 2nd Edition

Technique: GC-MS Spectral Databases

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Reliable pesticide determination with expanded new edition

The Mass Spectra of Pesticides with Retention Indices, 2nd Edition contains 1,300 pesticide molecules sorted in 20 different classes. This 2nd edition features342 new pesticides compounds, 1,300 LRI values on a SLB-5ms column, and 147 LRI values on an EQUITY-1 column. The GC-MS-based pesticides library provides significant support for peak assignment in complex mixtures.

Mass spectra, relative to standard and well-known simple matrix components, were obtained and recorded through GC-qMS separation/identification by Prof. Luigi Mondello. Additional component information such as CAS number, common name, systematic name, nominal mass (as Mol Wt.), compound formula, chemical class, and Linear Retention Index are also included.

Library Specifications

Spectra: 1,300
Structures: 1,300
Unique Compounds: 1,245


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Compound Coverage

Compound coverage can be searched at  The number of compounds in each class is listed below:

Adjuvants: 12
Acaricides: 93
Alkanes: 34
Artifacts/Degradation products: 63
Avicides: 1
Bactericides: 29
Fungicides: 187
Herbicides: 248
Insecticides: 236
Molluscicides: 7
Nematicides: 11
Pesticides: 112
Pesticides intermediers: 48
Pesticides metabolites: 80
Pheromones: 56
Plant growth regulators: 37
Preservative: 2
Repellents: 17
Rodenticides: 10
Solvents: 17