Maurer, Meyer, Pfleger, Weber: GC-MS Library of Drugs, Poisons, and Their Metabolites 6th Edition

Technique: GC-MS Spectral Databases

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From the Leader in Spectral Data

The Essential Reference for Clinical and Forensic Toxicologists – Newly Updated!

The most comprehensive reference for clinical and forensic toxicologists has once more been extensively updated. The Maurer Meyer Pfleger Weber (MMPW) spectral database contains experimental data that are relevant to the analytical toxicologist. To aid in compound identification, all substances are classified according to their toxicological categories. Methods are now provided with the database in a convenient PDF format.

Developed and updated by the renowned toxicology group in Saarland, Hans H. Maurer, Markus Meyer, and Armin Weber, the Maurer, Meyer, Pfleger, Weber: GC-MS Library of Drugs, Poisons, and Their Metabolites 6th Edition is one of the most esteemed spectral databases for GC-MS identification and is globally recognized and relied upon by toxicologists, forensic scientists, coroners, and environmental chemists in the identification of drugs, poisons, and other toxins, and their metabolites.

This extensive spectral collection includes 10,948 high-quality mass spectra and GC retention indices with compounds from 175 categories including psychoactive substances, almost all relevant therapeutic drugs, and over 7,800 of their metabolites.

Available in the most common instrumentation manufacturer formats, this spectral library is a necessity for any laboratory engaged in the GC-MS analysis of drugs, poisons, and other toxins.

The previous edition of this database, Mass Spectral Library of Drugs, Poisons, Pesticides, Pollutants, and Their Metabolites, 5th Edition, is widely known as the Maurer Pfleger Weber (MPW).


The MMPW GC-MS library offers exceptional reliability as a comprehensive resource for compound identification, characterization, and data interpretation for the forensic and clinical toxicology laboratory. With the MMPW GC-MS library, forensic and clinical toxicologists have a powerful tool that enhances their laboratory capabilities for confident identification.

Trusted Data from a Trusted Source

Wiley is the authoritative source for spectral data. Our renowned databases are processed according to rigorous protocols to ensure they are of the highest quality. Qualification procedures start at data acquisition and continue throughout the database development process. Any data acquired from trusted partners is thoroughly vetted before inclusion in our collections.

Library Specifications

Spectra: 10,948
Structures: 10,653
Unique Compounds: 10,055
Metabolites: > 7,800

What’s New in this Release?

The MMPW 6th edition incorporates 518 carefully evaluated datasets and 1,897 structures, introducing recent designer drugs, cannabinoids, opioids, stimulants, and compounds from many other crucial categories. The methods are now incorporated as a convenient PDF.


Compatible with most current and legacy mass spectrometry data systems. For full compatibility information please visit