Mass Spectra of Physiologically Active Substances 2011

Technique: GC-MS Spectral Databases

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Invaluable reference library for doping control, endocrinology, and clinical toxicology

In collaboration with the Institute of Biochemistry and German Sport University of Cologne, the Mass Spectra of Physiologically Active Substances features 4,182 mass spectra and chemical structures of androgens and estrogens, as well as their trimethylsilyl-, O-methoxyoxime-, and acetal derivatives and beta-2-agonists.

This fast and reliable spectral library helps researchers overcome the analytical challenge for identification of steroids in body fluids. Most spectra have been obtained on the same mass spectrometer under identical conditions. The data records include chemical name, chemical structure, molecular formula, and synonyms.

Library Specifications

Spectra: 4,182
Structures: 4,182
Unique Compounds: 3,927


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Compound Coverage

Acetal derivatives
O-methoxyoxime derivatives
Trimethylsilyl derivatives

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