News: Wiley releases new end-to-end software solution that unifies microscopy and spectral analysis workflows

HOBOKEN, N.J. – July 16, 2024 — Wiley, one of the world's largest publishers and a global leader in research and learning, today announced the release of Wiley Surface-to-Spectral Analysis, a complete correlation & spectroscopy analysis software solution for microscopy.

Wiley Surface-to-Spectral Analysis provides a comprehensive, powerful solution to process, combine, and analyze images and data from various spectroscopic techniques. Designed to make your lab more efficient, in a single interface it features:

  • Spectral Processing and Analysis
  • Spectral Map and Image Processing
  • Correlative Analysis
  • 3D Visualization of 2D Compositional Data

Users can even take their analysis a step further by sending spectra to Wiley's KnowItAll software* to search against spectral libraries for further investigation.

Graeme Whitley, Director of Data Science Solutions at Wiley, highlighted the value, “Being able to go from microscopic and hyperspectral images to spectral analysis across multiple microscopies and spectroscopies in a unified workflow creates tremendous efficiencies for your lab. Wiley Surface-to-Spectral Analysis, combined with Wiley's KnowItAll spectral analysis software and comprehensive, quality databases, equips labs with an unmatched end-to-end solution from surface to spectral analysis.”

Wiley Surface-to-Spectral Analysis supports microscopic images from Raman, TERS, IR, nanoIR, fluorescence, photoluminescence, cathodoluminescence, EDX/EDS and XPS, so even if you change instruments or microscopes, your workflow remains intact.

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* Requires license to KnowItAll software and libraries.

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