Custom Development & Publishing Services

Wiley Science Solutions Instrument Manufacturer Services

Wiley collaborates with the leading instrumentation manufacturers on database and software development and integration, including white label services.  

The Wiley Science Solutions team can collaborate with your organization to deliver innovative solutions for key markets. Our division specializes in partnerships and product development that ensure quality solutions for the analytical lab market. Additionally, we can help you with marketing and sales channels to create awareness and increase sales.  

We can partner with you on the following: 

  • Database development 
  • Reseller/distribution agreements 
  • Software and algorithm SDKs 
  • Web services APIs 
  • Custom/bespoke product development 

For partner inquiries, please contact us

Data, Software, and Technology Commercialization 


Wiley Science Solutions accepts instrumental, synthesis data, and instrument protocols. Spectroscopic data are accepted in most formats, including mzXML (mzXML), mzDATA (mzDATA), NIST text (MSP), JCAMP (JDX), Agilent (.L), DTA (.DTA), PKL (.PKL), and most other instrument formats. 

Spectral data should be accompanied by instrument, date, measurement conditions, and chemical assignment. For NMR, peak-atom assignment is recommended. Hyperspectral data, GCxGC, LCxLC, and other data formats should be accompanied with a data description. 

Contact Wiley prior to submitting very large data sets. Unsolicited data should be accompanied by a letter stating that you have full rights to release the data to Wiley for review and possible publication. 

Software/Technology Development 

Wiley Science Solutions regularly works with academic and other groups to bring new laboratory technologies to market. We welcome proposals, which should be short and to the point. White papers or other supporting documents should accompany any proposal. 

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence 

Wiley receives many requests for use of our data sets for machine learning (ML) and has extensive experience developing ML algorithms. While we collaborate with external parties on ML and artificial intelligence (AI), Wiley and its contributors expressly forbid the creation of derivative products from the databases and libraries without a written agreement. Learn more about machine learning at Wiley Science Solutions.